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Practical Tips

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Practical Tips

  • For better result of improving energy in your house use GEOCLENSE with PYRAMID SCHUMANN GENERATOR on the top of the fridge - $201
  • If above option is not in your budget, use PYRAMID SCHUMANN GENERATOR on the top of the fridge, it will do the job and also improve energy of the food in this fridge - $80
  • Use 2 wristbands on both hands or one on the left foot and the other on the right hand or one on the right foot and the other on the lefdt hand, they will enhace your meditation and power of your mind
  • If you have skin irritation after shaving with electric shaver, place EMR FENG SHUI HARMONIZER on the body of the electric shaver
  • To loose weight walk for 5 min. daily on the 'Chi' Pyramid Power Mat 2000, to improve meditation sit on it  or place it under your low back, use it with 'Chi' Power Wristbands
  • 'EMR' Feng Shui Harmonizer and 'Chi' Pyramid Grid can be used for cleansing jewellery and objects, like massage bed, chairs ...

How Harmonizers Work


All electric/electronic appliances, wireless devices, Geopathic Stress Zones(seismic fault lines, underground flowing waters, sewers, earth magnetic grid lines) and other noxious energies (information imprints, spirit lines ..) emit positive ions. This is an electronic smog that pollutes our environment.

Our bodies are biological systems that also operate using electric signals. If the electronic smog is too strong, it confuses signals sent by our brain to various organs and has an adverse effect on our health.

Harmonizers create negative ions to counteract excess positive ions, thus clearing the electronic smog and restoring normal performance to our body.





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