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USF Harmonizer


USF Harmonizer


Designed to harmonize annoying radiation levels from Phones, Laptops, GPS, and all Wirelesss Devices such as WiFi, Routers, Cordless Phones, Cell Phones, 2 way radios operated on electromagnetic frequencies.

USF (Universal Super Flat) Harmonizer is flat and can be installed as a sticker under the battery case or on the body of any wireless device.

USF Harmonizer is two in one and one-for-all. It improves the energy field of any person whern attached to any object this person wearing on the body or caring in his pocket. Mobile Phone, Key Ring, Car Immobilizer, Watch, Badge or Jewellery Items can all be used with USF.

USF Harmonizer creates a Healthy Negative Ion Life Force energy that transmutes main noxious energy fields.

Blocking or transforming hazardous radiation by wearing USF Harmonizer can be the answer to health problems caused by EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) or Geopathic Stress Zones.

Power sockets, switches, power tools, radio and television transmitters, mobile phones, and all electrical devices emit the EMF. The most common biological reaction to incompatible EMF environments includes headaches, tiredness, lack of energy and muscular strength, low resistance to common infections, fatigue, and stress.

There are places on Earth where natural radiation is passing through underground water veins or large mineral deposits that become altered in a detrimental way to human vibrations, indentified as Geopathic Stress Zones. Studies conducted by doctors in small towns throughout Europe found that virtually every person who contracted cancer had been sleeping in a Geopathic Stress Zones. These are also called Ley Lines.


$35 or $50 for 2

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