'Chi' Magic Plate




'Chi' Magic Plate


Chi Magic Plate


Designed to harmonize energy of the Food, Water, Milk, Oils, Creams, Toothpaste,Etc, that are placed on its surface.

It is a must have product for every household as it has numerous life enhancing applications:

  • Cleanse from all unwanted energies from jewellry or crystals by placing them on 'Chi' Magic Plate, they will stay that way for a long time
  • Improve the taste of water, drinks, fruits and wine. They become livelier, smoother and more digestible. This include all type of beverages
  • Ehance your own energy field by placing the plate on your body, on specific chakra centers
  • Increse the life-force and benefits of creams, perfumes, toothpastes, soups, pills, and oils by placing them on the plate overnight
  • Meditate with 'Chi' Magic Plate on your solar plexus or under the lower back to raise your 'Chi' and lead you to a new, higher levels of consciousness

What does it do for me?

The Life-Force energy of the person using products and water placed on the plate is increased.

The mucle test (Kinesiology) indicate that the body and its energy system will generally show a weakness to normal tap water.This indicates that there is something in the water, be it physical or on an energy level, that the body responds in a stress state to.

Water is a perfect medium to carry pollutans, unwanted vibrations, and electromagnetic fields. All of wich create problem in our body.Once the water has been energized on the plate for few minutes, tests indicate that people no longer show a stress or unlock response.



How to Purchase:

All purchases can be made via PAYPAL.

The Paypal email address to use for sending money mike@humanfeel.com.au

Please contact us on (03) 9553 0945 for purchase or more information.