Aura and Space Harmonizers


Aura and Space Harmonizers

Is it for me ?

Yes, if you have sleeping problem or feel tired waking in the morning.There is a big chance that your bed is in Geopathic Stress area or near EMR field. Try our 'Geoclense' with ' Pyramid Schumann Generator' They could be solution to your problem.

Yes, if you feel tired or car sick after short driving or your job involve long ours driving, try our 'Pyramid Schumann Generator' with EMR Feng Shui Harmoniser attached to the windscreen. It will make your driving experience as a pleasant surprice.

Yes , if you spent long ours near laptop or talking on the phone.The EMR Feng Shui Harmoniser will be your best friend .

Yes , if you care of what you eat and drink. Try our 'Chi Margic Plate' . The food and drinks after being on the plate will surprise you with taste and energy they have.

Yes , if you are aware about ill effects of electromagnetic radiation on your body and want to resolve this problem once and for all


If you have at least one 'yes' for this test, all information about our products is relevant to you and we will be happy to share our experience with you, Read More...

Otherwise check 'The Art of Touch' workshops and thanks for visiting this page.


For the last 25 years we researched, used and sell on our workshops different products that improve our energy and quality of life and protect us from unsafed energies. Now, you can purchase and try our amazing Harmonizers visiting our Stand A27 at Melbourne's November MBS Festival

Some of the products are:



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Address: 21 Fletcher Street, Moorabbin (map)
Tel. 03 9553 1682 or Time: 10am-7pm
Melbourne MBS Festival  Stand A27
19 - 21 November  
03 9553 1682 email

Aura and Space Harmonizers

Used to improve your Aura (energy around you) and         
Energy of the Space in your House or Work Place.

Your Say

"Aura and Space Harmonizers was just the
most profound experienced for me.
I come home and tried them on myself
and can't believe the difference. Thanks
Lev for a great products ".