'Chi' Pyramid Grid




'Chi' Pyramid Grid


Chi Pyramid Grid


Combines the energy of 'The Lo Shu Magic Square' with Pyramid Power and Healing Properties of Copper or Gold or Crystal (see Aura Balancing Jewellery).

Muscles Tests have shown that while wearing a Chi Pyramid Grid and exposed to manmade electromagnetic field produced by power lines, mobile phones, televisions, etc., muscles locked in kinesiology tests.This indicates that the body's energy systems no longer show a stress or unlock response, as has occurred in prior testing whilst not wearing the grid.

Chi Pyramid Grid Applications :

  • Amplifies Crystal Energy, when placed on the crystal
  • Improves one's Aura when wearing in one's pockets
  • Helps to reduce pain when attached to painful area
  • Creates Good Chi if attached to the overhead beam or front door
  • Helps with electromagnetic radiation

$35 - copper, $75 - gold plated, $87 - crystal

How to Purchase:

All purchases can be made via PAYPAL.

The Paypal email address to use for sending money mike@humanfeel.com.au

Please contact us on (03) 9553 0945 for purchase or more information.