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For the last 25 years we have researched and tested a wide variety of products aimed at improving energy and quality of life and protecting us from unsafe energies. Thousands of people already using our products and you also can join the list of our happy customers.For more info on these amazing products - including practical applications and tips, further descriptions, pricing and purchasing information - please click on any of the links from the menu on the left. Enjoy! We know you will!

Why Buy From Us?

We have unique, outstanding products that harmonize and improve energy of your:

  • Food, water and drinks
  • Area where you live and work
  • Your own energy field

We give 30 day money back guarantee

We have more than 25 years experience in reseaching, developing, using and selling Space Clearing Energy products. Purple Plates, Crystal Catalysts, 'Chi' Energy Products, Aura Balancing Jewellery, Pyramids,Yantras, and Silk Biocircuits are only some from our list.

We give professional advice. Kinesiologists, Dowsers, Qi Gong Masters, Yoga Teachers, Feng Shui Practitioners are all in our team.

We test our products with Biofeedback and Aura measuring devices, and people, who are sensitive to energy fields.

We are in direct contact with our users and you can be one of them!


All purchases can be made via PAYPAL.

The Paypal email address to use for sending money mike@humanfeel.com.au

Please contact us on (03) 9553 0945 for purchase or more info.


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