Cupping Workshop


Cupping Workshop in Melbourne

Is it for me?

Yes , if you are massage therapist, body worker or beauty practitioner, who want to incorporate cupping in your practice.

Yes , if you want to experience cupping professionally done and also to learn how to do it for your family and friends.

Yes , if you are already practicing cupping but want to improve your skills with new concepts, ideas and techniques.

If you have at least one 'yes' for this test, all information about this workshop is relevant to you and we will be happy to share our experience with you. Read More...

Otherwise check others 'The Art of Touch' workshops and thanks for visiting our website


The Cupping is a wonderful form of treatment aimed at stimulating the body's own healing powers.It is an ancient art of Folk medicine. The small group size guaranteed for maximum learning. You will learn:

  • The Art of Cupping Massage
  • Methods of Cupping
  • History of Cupping
  • Precautions during Cupping Treatments
  • Contradictions
  • Cupping the Points
  • Treatment of Common Problems
  • Cleaning Procedures

The Art of Cupping Massage

Cupping is applied to the body by introducing a naked flame to the cup to create a vacuum, which is then applied to the skin and draws a little up to seal itself. The amount of pressure applied varies with the size of the flame. For cupping massage much less pressure is to be used to avoid the expected skin colour changes.

In our workshop, you will learn how to control the pressure and what type of strokes are used to make it unforgettable experience.