10 Tips to Get the Most From Your Massage


1)You must be open and responsive to what the massage process is going to be.

2)Come early to your massage session. It is to avoid feeling stress and nervousness.

3)Eat lightly an hour before the session. Small amount of food in your stomach will prevent you from being hungry without causing you to feel bloated.

4)The therapist will give you privacy while you are taking off your clothes. A towel or blanket will be covered to you and only the portion of the body which is actively being massaged will be exposed. If you want to wear your clothes on, the massage is adjusted on your comfort's level. Modesty is practiced all the time. And if your massage session is through, you are given privacy while dressing.

5)Communication with your massage therapist is important.

6)Remember to breathe normally. It helps you relax. People tend to limit their breathing when they are tense and being massaged to sensitive areas.

7)Let your muscle and mind relax. Tell your massage therapist if you experience muscle tightening so they could adjust the massage technique. They may also help you relax to the affected area. There are times that your thoughts are racing during the massage. To calm your mind, focus on how the touch of the massage therapist feels to your body.

8)Drinking extra water after the massage ensures that the muscles are properly hydrated. It also flushes out substances that being released by the muscles during the massage.

9)If you experience dizziness or light headedness after the massage session, take time to get up.

10)Several sessions of massage is good and prepare for it. Massage has great benefits over time. The several massage sessions you've had, the more therapeutic effect you will get from the massage. Deep relaxation will gain as the stress is being released from your body. Recovery from muscular tension needs more than sessions.