I come across Bio-Circuits many years ago. My first, copper one, I bought on one of the Rainbow Festivals. 

I liked it and want to know more about them. After some research, I found a book, 'Biocircuits', by Leslie and Terry Patten and start making them myself.

In the beginning, I was making copper Eeman's and Lindemann's bio-circuits. 

I also found the way to enhance Bio-Circuit experience combining them with appropriate crystals, yantras and Masaru Emoto Water Crystal Oracle cards.

The energy of copper Bio-Circuits is quite strong, and they should not be used for more than 30 minutes. 

It takes a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes to rebalance the body. I found that the size of the plate is also important, around 20 cm. is a good size.

For everyday use, silk bio-circuits were better. 

I used to make them from White and Gold silk, White ones were more relaxing and Gold more stimulating. 

With Gold silk bio-circuits one of my student went to the Future and with White, to the Past.

Silk bio-circuits I made with pockets were yantras, crystal cards or other images can be inserted.

Bio-circuits I also use in Yoga classes, Sound and Crystal Healing.