• Clear Quartz Harmonizer

Size: 32 x 32x 32 mm

Shape: Triangle

  • Clear Quartz Harmonizer creates a harmonizing field around your body
  • Supports and balances the human energy fields and meridians 
  • Assists healing, balances aura, helps with pain, protects from unsafe energies
  • Attracts abundance
  • Mind amplifier

Tests have shown that while wearing a Personal Harmonizer and exposed to manmade electromagnetic fields produced by power lines, mobile phones, televisions, etc. Muscles locked in kinesiology tests, indicating that the body’s energy systems are no longer showing a stress or unlock, response, as has occurred in prior testing whilst not wearing the harmonizer. To improve its effectiveness wear with Worry Stone. The energy of the Harmonizer was enhanced with ‘The Art of Touch’ methods of harmonizing crystals.


The Clear Quartz is one of the most perfect physical forms in the universe. This perfection makes it especially useful on a therapeutic level. It acts like a catalyst of our own perfection. Quartz has a balancing effect. The clear quartz amplifies intentions and thought forms. The Clear Quartz heals tears and imbalances in our own electro-magnetic fields (heavy smoking or drinking, traumatic shock, overwork etc. can all cause holes or tears in our Electromagnetic Field).  When you use a clear quartz crystal for protection, for example: to repel from your Electromagnetic Field anything you find harmful, you should wear it on your spiritual plexus (thymus gland). As it works with the light, you should not wear the protective crystal inside your clothes and hide them from the light, but always on the outside. In this way, dark or negative forces will be automatically dispelled by the effect of the light and the amplification of your electromagnetic field produced by the quartz  crystal.

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Clear Quartz Harmonizer

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