• Ring: Gibeon

Gibeon Meteorite Ring with a Clear Quartz ‘Star of David’ overlay

  • Size : 10” US (19.8mm)
  • Shape : Circle, wholeness, perfection

The energy of the Ring was enhanced with ‘The Art of Touch’ methods of harmonizing crystals.


  • This stone conducts the energy of the Stars
  • It is recognized as a sacred gift from the skies
  • Stimulate Kundalini activation, patience and persistence regarding spiritual growth
  • Assist with strength, physical stamina, balancing emotions
  • Is wonderful aids to the healing process
  • Helps to see projects through to completion
  • Nickel purify the blood and increases iron in the system
  • Stone of spiritual awakening and inner vision
  • Base (1st), Solar Plexus (3rd), Third Eye (6th) Crown (7th) Chakra’s stones
  • Vibrates to number 9
  • Improves memory


  • The Clear Quartz is one of the most perfect physical forms in the universe
  • This perfection makes it especially useful on a therapeutic level
  • It acts like a catalyst of our own perfection
  • Clear Quartz has a balancing effect and amplifies intentions and thought forms
  • Mind amplifier
  • Crown (7th), Chakra’s stone
  • Vibrates to number 7
  • Brings luck

"I am Gibeon Meteortite Ring, incredibly unique, not many like me made on this Planet. I am looking for a new Owner who needs my assistance dealing with patience, persistence and emotional problems. I may be programmed with any thought of intention you choose, but especially as a protective shield from unwanted energies. A drop of a flower essence, a homeopathic remedy or such can be placed on this medallion and it will radiate its essence throughout your body. I am vibrating to numbers 7, 9; those vibrations help to improve memory and luck. I will be great on the body of the person who managing complex projects. Can help to improve strength and physical stamina. I am Ring of Power, Spiritual Awakening and Inner Vision!"

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Ring: Gibeon

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