• Crystal: Howlite
  • Encourages balance between mental and physical levels
  • Can help with muscular problems, insomnia, eliminate rage and uncontrolled anger
  • Aids dream and balance emotions
  • Extremely calming stone
  • Water Element (Kidney Meridian)
  • Third Eye (6st), Crown (7th) Chakra’s stones
  • Vibrates to number 2
  • Improves energy of communication

The energy of the Howlite Shoes was enhanced with ‘The Art of Touch’ methods of harmonizing crystals.

"I am unique, amazingly crafted, Howlite Pair of Shoes, looking for a new Owner who needs my assistance in dealing with the stress, emotional problems, anger and rage. I am vibrating to numbers 2; this vibration helps to improve communication with people. I will be great in the house of the person who loves meditation, hold the left shoe in the left hand facing the body and right shoe in the right hand facing in opposite direction. I can assist the owner to walk the path of patience and peace and help to deal with aggressive people!"

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Crystal: Howlite

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