• Mobile Phone Harmonizer

Neutralizes noxious EMR emitted from your phone, laptop and all portable devices. All types of mobile phones and Wi-Fi enabled devices radiate and EMR field which is a potentially harmful positive charged frequency. The Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizers resonates at a healthy, negative charge frequency and is designed to neutralize the noxious positive charge energy field emitted from all mobile phones, laptops, tablets. iPads, cordless phones, Wi-Fi modems and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Mobile Phone Harmonizer has two designs Green and Black, Feng Shui design. They have slightly different frequency but work very well together for super sensitive to EMR people. For most people one of them will be enough to use on your Mobile Phone. 

If you need to clear any object from negative energy just place Feng Shui design on the top of Green one and placing or touching objects with those 2 harmonizes will clear and remove negative energies from those objects. Objects can be a chair, a massage table, a person, a Harmony Wear pendant, a food.

Harmonizers can also be used on TV’s with big screens with build in modem in them as they act as mobile phones and are WI-FI devices.

Attaching Harmonizer anywhere on the body of this TV will further improve energy in your room.

If you have wireless internet attach harmoniser to the modem.


The Mobile Phone Harmonizer has a strong self-adhesive backing so it can be adhered to the back of a mobile phone or any portable wireless device.

Alternatively, place the square wafer on the back of the phone/tablet between your protective cover so it is easily transferrable when you upgrade your phone technology.

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Mobile Phone Harmonizer

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