• Pendant: Amber


  • Size : 52 x 32 x 13 mm
  • Shape : Teardrop, water, abundance 

The energy of the Pendant was enhanced with ‘The Art of Touch’ methods of harmonizing jewellery.


  • Vitality and enthusiasms
  • Strong protection against evil intent
  • Aids digestive problems and chest complaints (asthma)
  • Positively influences endocrine system, spleen, solar plexus
  • Speeds recovery from illness
  • A must for children
  • In meditation helps to understand and accept what has been found in self-discovery while meditating
  • Assist with depression
  • Earth Element (Spleen Meridian)
  • Base (1st), Solar Plexus (3rd), Chakra’s stones
  • Vibrates to number 3
  • Improves curiosity and energy of acquiring knowledge

"I am Amber, looking for a new Owner who needs my assistance with digestive system, asthma and speed recovery from illness. Can also help with vitality, protection against evil intent and self-discovery. I am vibrating to numbers 3; this vibration helps to brings healthy curiosity and hunger for knowledge. I will be great on the body of the person who needs protection from negative energies, wants to improve vitality, well-being and abundance!"

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Pendant: Amber

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