• Pyramid Grid Harmonizer
  • Combines the energy of The Lo Shu Magic Square, with Pyramid Power and Healing Properties of Gold
  • It is gold-plated copper as gold is well known for is natural healing affinity with the human body and has long been used alone as protection from negative energies
  • It is one of the few substances that the body will tolerate being in the energy field for long period of time

Tests have shown that while wearing a Pyramid Grid and exposed to manmade electromagnetic fields produced by power lines, mobile phones, televisions, etc. Muscles locked in kinesiology tests, indicating that the body’s energy systems are no longer showing a stress or unlock, response, as has occurred in prior testing whilst not wearing the grid.

  • Strengthens Your Immune System when wearing on your body 
  • Helps with electromagnetic radiation
  • Improves one’s Aura when wearing in your pockets
  • Helps to reduce pain when attached to painful area
  • Creates Good Energy in the Room if attached to the beam or wall of the room
  • Blocks Negative Energies if attached to the front door
  • Amplifies Crystal Energy when placed on the crystal

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Pyramid Grid Harmonizer

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