About Us

‘The Art of Touch’ was involved in selling Crystals, Crystal Jewellery, developing and selling our Energy Products for over 30 years.
We also were selling Energy Products of others suppliers.
Energy Products that improves the energy of the Planet, Living and Working Space, supports health and well-being of the people are main focus of our business.

We were selling:
  • Purple Plates products (purpleplates.com)
  • Crystal Catalysts and other Biomargnetic Reseach USA products (emfblues.com)  
  • Chi Energy products (renascentbathbody.com.au)   
  • NIKKEN MAGNETIC products (nikken.com)  
  • AquaClic (aquaclic.info)
  • EMR Harmonizing Products (orgoneeffects.com) 
  • Bioresonant (bioresonant.com) 
We use to sell Yantras, Pyramids, (small and big), Feng Shui and Vastu Products, Bio-Massagers, Su Jok Acupressure and Reflexology devices are also were on our selling list.   
We are runnig natural therapy courses for more than 20 years and thousands people from all over Austarlia already completed them and are using our products. 
We participated in many EXPO’S, HOME SHOW, MBS (Mind Body Spirit Festivals), Yoga Festivals and provided our expertise and knowledge for many people and companies.

In our team we have Yoga Teacher, Medical Qi Gong Master, Reiki Master, Kinesiology and Feng Shui Practitioner, Crystal Therapist and Dowser. 
Our mission is to share our experience and knowledge with range of products that we are using ourselves for many years and can recommend them for others to enjoy benefits they provide.